Act now: Help to get an allergist in PEI


Did you know there are currently no practicing allergists in Prince Edward Island and residents must travel out-of-province to see an allergy specialist? This situation has proven to be extremely problematic for patients and their families.

All Canadians should have access to proper medical care regardless of where they live.

An application to establish the first allergy practice in PEI has been submitted to the PEI Ministry of Health and Wellness by Dr. Hannah Roberts. A native Prince Edward Islander, Dr. Roberts has the expertise and qualifications to diagnose, treat, and provide care to patients living with food allergy.

To help support Dr. Roberts’ application, we, along with the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, have written letters to PEI Minister of Health and Wellness, James Aylward, to request the hiring of at least one certified allergist and clinical immunologist by the province. Specifically, we have expressed support for Dr. Hannah Roberts’ interest in joining PEI’s health care team as an allergy specialist…

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